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      Services in General:
Litigation and Arbitration;
Advising and counseling;
Being retained as legal counsel;
Defending lawyer or agent ad litem for criminal suspects, criminal defendants and    criminal victims;
Translation of legal documents;
Other legal services.
      Practice Areas:

International Trade (Import & Export)
Formation & Registration of Foreign-funded Companies in China
Intellectual Property Protection
Corporate Law
Labor and Employment
Maritime Law
Financing & Insurance
Real Estate
Criminal Law
Family Law


International Trade (Import & Export)

Advising on import and export matters in China;
Drafting and reviewing international sales contract;
Other matters (L/C, B/L, etc.) related to international trade;
Tax refund.


Formation & Registration of Foreign-funded Companies in China

Legal analysis on foreign investment projects and initial investment planning;
Formation and registration of joint ventures (JV);
Formation and registration of wholly foreign-owned companies (Consulting company,
  Trading company, Freight forwarding company);
Formation and registration of Representative office   (RO);
Merger & Acquisition;
Due diligence;

Issuance and listing of shares;
Veture capital;
Establishment of branches and/or offices in China by foreign-funded companies;
Finance planning and structuring;
Tax planning, advising on taxation in China;
Design of corporate governance;
Customs formalities;
Labor and employment;
Registrations and filings with government authorities;
Restructuring and liquidation of foreign-funded companies.


Intellectual Property Protection

Advising and counseling on the protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade
   secrets, trade name and unfair competition matters;
Trademark Registration;
Conducting search, watch and investigation of patent and trademarks and providing
   legal opinions therefore;
Obtaining computer software registrations;
Advising on domain name issues, and registrations of domain names;
Recording intellectual property rights with China Customs;
Enforcing intellectual property rights through administrative or legal proceedings;
Litigating disputes on intellectual property rights;
Licensing and transfer of IP;
Advising and counseling on other intellectual property related matters.


Corporate Law

Establishment of corporations;
Design of corporate governance;
Re-organization of enterprises, increase or reduction of registered capital;
Clarification of property title and property transaction;
Re-organizing an enterprise into a joint stock company, shares transfer and conversion    of debts into shares;
M & A, dissolution and asset trust management;
Bankruptcy and liquidation;
Drafting and reviewing shareholders’ agreement, articles of incorporation, board    resolution and various other corporate documents.


Labor and Employment

Legal advise on labor and employmnent


Maritime Law

Legal adise on Maritime Law



Legal analysis on and initial planning for the establishment of franchise businesses;
Franchise contract drafting or reviewing;
Other franchise related legal matters.



Tax planning, advising on taxation in China;
Tax refund.


Financing & Insurance

Loans of various kind;
Inter-bank loan, trust investment and financial lease;
Guarantee, mortgage and pledges;
Letter of credit, credit cards and electronic currencies;
Various financial instruments;
Foreign exchange;
Insurances application and insurance claims.


Real Estate

The granting, transfer, lease and mortgage of land use rights;
Developing, financing, sale and lease of real estates;
Tender, bid and contracting of real estate projects;
Real estate mortgage and buy-back;
Agreements on the management of property, preparatory work for the establishment
   of proprietor committee and its operation.


Criminal Law

Represent clients in criminal legal proceedings in China
Criminal Procedure Law.


Family Law

Advise on Marriage Law, Inheritance Law in China
Marriage law
Inheritance law



The Application for Permanent Residence in China and Chinese Nationality ;
Acquisition of St.Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program;



Aviation and maritime issues;
International leasing of machinery and equipment;
International contracting for construction projects;
Sales of goods and compensation trade;
Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy;
Service trading and immigration.

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